FEWD Project

Introduction to Front End Web Development Course

I attended the SDCE Front End Web Development program.

The class is held at the North City Campus of Continuing education. Information about the FEWD Certificate Program. This program is in two sections, and is rather heavy. I heard the attrition rate is high even for those who think themselves prepared, so I attended all the required prerequisites: Interactive Media Certificate Program (now Motion Media/Interactive Media) in the fall of ’16, and the “Front End Web Development – Introduction” class held over the summer. The Interactive Media Certificate Program, which came with 17 units I can carry over to Mesa College towards my AA or BA. The FEWD cert will carry an additional 10 towards Web Design, which I hope to complete next year.

The final project for the class was a team effort with two other students that included a needs analysis, card sort and reverse card sort, content audit, content matrix, copy deck, user personas, and layout done in Axure, though I would have preferred to learn to use Sketch. I was extremely fortunate to have as team mates Katy Stoner of Ads Inc., and Lauren Choi at Netgear,as they are very capable and creative web people. I learned a lot in working with the both of them. I built and tested the landing page hover box menus in Codepen.
You can view the final project here.

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