My Recent Hat Design For Embroidery

Embroidery design is one of the many things I do. I’ve created quite a few patches and hat designs recently, but I rarely got to see the finished product, and I often have nothing to show for my work so I’m posting the one I received via email today.

The Embroidery Graphics

Embroidery Graphics
Graphics For The Embroidery Design

I put together several designs in Adobe Illustrator for this project.  Illustrator is about the best vector graphics program for this sort of work in my opinion. I’ve been using Illustrator since about 1991, so I’m pretty adept at getting the results I want. I worked in other vector graphics programs but Illustrator is my first preference. Most of the items in the designs were sketched out on a Wacom tablet on multiple layers. This was done within the stitch area guides which were put in place first, and the type was set. I really enjoy doing this sort of thing. Of the ones I created, the client liked this one best.

The Finished Hat

Hat Embroidery
The Finished Hat Embroidery

After the final artwork was approved by the client, it was forwarded to the embroiderer for digitizing and embroidery. The client and embroiderer chose the actual thread colors, so the colors are a bit different than those in the Illustrator file, but it still looks pretty dynamic on the crown of the ball cap.

Had I known the sand area would wind up so light I would have put the date in the same orange as the sun so that it would stand out a bit more, though I’m certain that in person the event date is still readable. You can click on the image to get a closer look.

It may not seem like much to you but this is how I earned my keep, and have done for quite a long time. I always put in my best effort and so I’m proud of my work. I hope to continue to support myself through my design efforts far into the future, which is one of the reasons I’m learning Front End Web Development, as it is the aspect of Graphic Design that will carry me there.

The client was very pleased, and so am I.

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