Logo design awards

1st Place, Best of Class, Best in Show Award

Logo wins award at the San Diego County Fair.

My logo design won First Place, Best of Class, Best of Show, and a Donated Award by the California Graphic Arts Education Association in the 4611 Computer Graphics category. Not bad for an old guy in Continuing Education, huh? The other students in my class joke me about my beating out a bunch of sixth graders, when in fact I was competing against college kids and other adults in Continuing Ed.

Award-winning Logo
Award-winning Logo Design

I first designed this logo in Adobe Illustrator back in October, (see blog entry) during the Print module. I wanted something I could use on virtually anything, from letterhead through product branding, even though I didn’t have any product at the time. When it came to creating business cards for the class, I used a different logo, but I think this one is far more dynamic and seems to have much wider appeal. Everyone who sees it comments that they like it. Of course, they could just be being nice to me.

The concept behind this particular logo design was to create a Japanese-style mon.* I began to combine the R of my first name, the M of my last name in a number of sketches over many pages. I began to work on making it look like it could also be the number 13, the letter M being the thirteenth letter of  the alphabet. This loosened up the design considerably. This development also began to lend the appearance of lightning to the letter, adding to the dynamism of the logo. What started out a very clean, architectural but rather staid and static design became more of one suggesting movement, yet still retaining the look of an artist’s stamp or a family kamon.

I was surprised and thrilled when the print module instructor announced my win in class. I was stunned into speechlessness, an admittedly rare occurrence. It was awesome.

Now I have to work up new business cards and get them printed.

*Mon (紋 ?), also monshō (紋章 ?), mondokoro (紋所 ?), and kamon (家紋?), are Japanese emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family.

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